Meaning, you "only" get 70% on books sold in US/Canada (via, UK/Ireland (, Germany, Austria, Switzerland (, Italy (, Spain (, France, and Belgium ( That is, all countries that have a native Kindle shop. Left out a couple of really tiny European countries, but you get the idea.

Jonathan Snook said on February 10, 2012

@Peter Gasston: there's no information on the Kobo site about royalty costs or other rights handling or how they handle payouts. I'd prefer they had this info up front instead of requiring me to contact someone to do so.

@Shadaik: Thanks for clarifying that!

Jonathan Snook said on February 10, 2012

@Jens: I glanced at LaTeX and felt that I was in the same boat as DocBook: It's going to require a lot of effort to get the final product closer to what I wanted. However, I didn't look at it as closely as I did DocBook. With DocBook, I actually tried to see what it could do. I didn't do the same with LaTeX.

As for how it computes with my hourly rate? I didn't track my writing time. Or the time to build the site or all the other things that went into it. With book revenue having been around $15k, at an hourly rate of $100/hour, that works out to 150 hours. I spent about 40 hours working on the site itself and probably another 80 hours spent on writing. I wasted about 10 hours on DocBook that I'd like to get back. It's probably quite close to the $100/hr rate.

Tim McCormack said on February 10, 2012

Huh, I wasn't aware that any e-ink reader other than the Kindle could read .mobi files.

S??rgio Jardim said on February 16, 2012

I think you must try both Sphinx ( and Scrivener ( They are great to export to html and epub. The later also export to mobi as well.

I've used Sphinx to create the documentation of a web project (not for the code, but for the UX) and exported as HTML with great results.

Scrivener it's to me the most perfect tool to write a book, and it exports to various formats with great control.

Regarding the publishing to iBook Store, we've used the services of Libre Digital ( and they intermediate the process very nicely. The downside is that they will charge for a % to each book sold too, but it was the only possibly way to publish the books as we are in Brazil.


martin said on February 18, 2012

I was playing with the idea of writing an ebook for children's education. I thought about it for years but now with the technology of e-readers its much easier to publish your book. I have just finished my ebook with the help of my design company but im not sure where i should upload it to? anyone got any good ideas for children's books?

Jonathan Snook said on February 18, 2012

@Martin: congrats. I would think for a children's book, you'd want to get it to where people are looking for them. Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble are good places to start. Personally, I've yet to really look at e-books for children's books. I'll either go app or go print. Best of luck!

Durban said on February 20, 2012

This a brilliant article. I have been thinking also about writing eBook version of series of tutorials for my blog at but my biggest obstacle is mass of content... Maybe one year from now I will re-visit this excellent blog!

Rajeev said on February 25, 2012

I have found that Lulu pcreis are about double those at CreateSpace. But since both are in the US I am still looking for a way forward (I am in UK). Lightning had no pcreis so i eliminated it. Any other ideas ?

Richard Metzler said on March 13, 2012


your advertising should start on your own page. If you want to sell more books, do the following:
1. go on the top of this page, hit CMD+F and search for 'book'. All instances of the word 'book' will be highlighted.
2. you will recognize, that your author bio doesn't say anything about your book and the axe guy doesn't say anything about a book either.

I've been on your site from time to time and lately I look for more content for my kindle, so I might be the perfect customer, but I've never read anything about the book until now.

Jonathan Snook said on March 14, 2012

@Richard Metzler: Thanks for the feedback. I think that's valuable insight. Will do what I can to better indicate that I have a book for sale.

compueer repair said on June 28, 2012

This actually answered my downside, thank you!

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