His words were pure gold to me. But some posts sneaked doubt in my mind. I couldn't tell if he was payed or not do review some (37s) products. Then others famous name (hicks and co.) did the same thing.
I trust them for only providing content relevant to their readers, and I'm sure gentlemen like those, would announce links that are part of a referral program or anything of this kind.
If you've instored some trust btw your readers and you, then mentionning which links are "rewarded" should not hurt your readership... if it's relevant to them.
For instance, I wouldn't mind YOU linking to some JS book on amazon and making some cents on it. I consider you as a "trusted" blogger, and your longevity speaks for itself. So pls, tell us which link are referrals... it will just make us trust you even more.

ps: I'm coming over to Toronto (from Montreal) for the weekend... any suggestion of what I should visit ? Thx !

Jonathan Snook said on November 18, 2005

I've also maintained full disclosure about any referrer links. Just as I'll be honest about any financial remuneration that I receive for linking or discussing a particular topic.

I just see people do it all the time and it always bothered me a little that they weren't up front about it. I'm certainly not going to call them on it as it seems clear that others are a little more blas? about it.

ps, Tim: I'm in Ottawa, so I'd recommend you take some tomatoes and take out a few Leaf fans. ;)

Tim said on November 18, 2005

Ooops ! Sorry Jonathan ! :-S
Glad to hear you'll maintain full disclosure about referrer links and stuff. :-)

Bobby said on November 18, 2005

This is some cool functionality

Professional web design Specialist said on November 19, 2005

i think there should be some sort of agreement between the two parties

Jonathan Fenocchi said on November 19, 2005

I say, if someone can make money off of it, more power to 'em. Honestly I don't mind, and I don't really need to know about it.

However, I do believe that, if inquired, those who profit from my purchase should elaborate information willingly and responsibly.

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